Kokomo Pro Carpet, Mattress, Upholstery & Tile Cleaning - Carpet, mattress & upholstery cleaning.

Carpet cleaning as low
as $29.00 for a limited
time so don't wait.
Schedule soon for the
Also only $19 per area
for our......
SPECIAL HOLIDAY full Deodorizing -
Sanitizing & Stain Guard
all in one treatment !!
See description below.

*Call us now for more details and an easy over the phone QUOTE for all
your carpet and upholstery cleaning


We also offer --
* Pro ---
   treatment for Pet
   issues & much more!
* Antimicrobial Enzyme
   treatment - KILLS
   pet & spill produced
   harmful bacteria.
   Harmless to humans
   and pets.
* Stain Guard
   treatment -- Helps
   block future staining
   of your carpet as well
   as your upholstery.

All of our cleaning and
treatment products are
certified to be SAFE
for you as well as the
Go Kokomo PRO GREEN and be SAFE.
We are a family owned business
that is locally owned and operated.
30+ years of experience.
We also Accept -
Major credit / debit cards.

Same day appointments available.
Saturday & Sunday appointments are also available.


*Package A -
Standard Carpet Cleaning -
Great for most  cleanings. This is a deep heated cleaning of your carpet and or upholstery, using specially mixed cleaning solutions for your needs and a special extraction process. 

*Package B
Heavy Duty Carpet Restoration Cleaning.

This cleaning is for carpet that is in
fairly bad shape. We use powerful
scrubbers in combination with an
extremely powerful extraction unit
to restore the carpet as close to new as it can be.

*Heavy duty PRO Deodorizing treatment.
This person and pet friendly odor destroyer is second to NONE! 
It eliminates odors caused by pet urine and other animal related sources. Also from food and drinks that have been dropped or spilled as well as musty damp smells from moisture and humidity. Includes a MOLD inhibitor that helps to kill mold spores that may be growing due to urine or other forms of moisture including plain old humidity.
This deodorizing treatment combines
well with our ---

 Sanitizing enzyme

This enzyme is harmless to humans and pets.
It kills off harmful bacteria that forms on spilled food, drinks and pet urine, as well as other things pets leave behind and we spill or track in. This is especially important for children that play on the floor. Bacteria in your carpet or upholstery can and often does cause sever respiratory infections in children as well as adults.

*Stain Barrier Protection  

It is the best on the market. Helps protect against spills setting in and not wanting to come out. Great for whole rooms, traffic areas, upholstery & mattresses.

This helps remove ground in dirt and dark traffic areas that occur over time and spots that need some extra help.

*Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning
We do a deep HEATED cleaning of the Upholstery or Mattresses using our state of the art upholstery cleaning machines.
No one beats our pricing! Just call and we can quote you a price right over the phone.
WE USE the only method that is recognized by ANY carpet or upholstery manufacturers when it comes to their warranties. It is the process that all professional carpet cleaning companies and upholstery cleaning companies use, including Stanley Steamer and it is called "hot water injection process". Some will refer to this as steam cleaning, but it is not Steam. Actual steam would destroy your carpet and upholstery! Carpet and upholstery was never designed to take that much heat and it in no way requires that much heat to clean carpet or upholstery. Actual steam will destroy your furniture and your carpet.


A room / area is defined by us as being.....
300 square feet ( 15x20 ) in overall size or Less - with or without Furniture in it.


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